March 23 to 25, 2018


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There are sixty clinic slots. We currently have over 58 clinicians with more being added.
This is a preliminary list of Clinicians and Titles and are subject to change.

Jeff Adam Creating Rubber Molds for use with Resin and Hydrocal
Dave Albertson A snapshot of the Auto industry and transporting Autos by rail
Keith Albright Designing & Building small layouts for large scale operation Part 1 - Design
Keith Albright Designing & Building small layouts for large scale operation Part 2 - Building & Operations
Mike Baker Paints & Glues
Mike Baker HO Vehicle Modeling
Craig Bisgeier TBD
Shannon Crabtree Planning and building a room sized layout
Eric Craig Figures and Other Neat Things for Your Layout
Ted Culotta TBD
Chuck Davis Modeling CNJ Operations in PA's Wyoming Valley
Eric Dervinis Model Railroad Design for Ops - Some unconventional thinking
Larry DeYoung Modern Short Lines as a Prototype
Ted DiIorio Modeling the B&M in the Guilford era on Freemo modules; a slightly schizophrenic tale on how I got here.
Andrew Dodge A Modeler's Approach to Recreating a Prototype Railroad
Dick Foley Post war Reading Boxcars - 1945 - 1956
Steve Funaro Reading Covered Hoppers
Gerry Futej Modeling Milk Cars
John Greene Passenger Cars
Ron Giordani Modeling the Reading U30c
Bill Hanley B&O Steam
Eric Hansmann Prototype Modeling and Manageable Sized Layouts
Jay Held DL&W/E-L Paterson Spur & Erie/E-L Dundee Spur
Jay Held New York Harbor & Railroads
Matthew Herman ESU LokProgrammer 101
Jim Hertzog Exploring the Reading's Shamokin Division
Ron Hoess Modeling the PRR Chestnut Hill Branch - Evoking the Philadelphia Landscape
Jim Homoki Freight Car Stenciling Details in the Diesel Era
Tom Jacobs

Realizing the Reading 2.0

Will Jamison Transportation of regular and excess width steel plate by rail
Will Jamison Modeling of cars used to haul regular and excess width steel plate by rail
Jim Kerner Ingot Molds and other Steel Mill Loads
Tony Koester O Scale One Town at a Time
Randy Laframboise Modelling the Rutland Mainline
Fred Lass B & O P-7: Prototype & Model
Vincent Lee The Erie Railroad East of the Hudson River
Dennis Lippert Whittling Conrail's Loco Fleet to Fit Your Basement
Charles Liggett Modeling the Reading's Chester Branch
Dave Messer Tank Car Mania
Lance Mindheim Model Railroading as Art
Dave Owens DOD Flats
Ted Pamperin Adoption of Prototype Car Routing Systems for Model Railroads
Jim Panza Selected TTX Piggyback Cars of the 1960's and 1970's
Michael Prokop The Camden NJ Waterfront and the Railroads
David Ramos Adding Staging to The New York Harbor Railroad
Ramon Rhodes My Half-century love affair with trains Part 1
Ramon Rhodes My Half-century love affair with trains Part 2
Mike Rose Updates on the huge changes in my Conrail 1984 Lehigh Line Layout
Steve Salotti Edgewater, New Jersey
Bill Schaumburg Discovering Hope Springs; Planning a new, small layout
Mike Schleigh Wellsville, Addison, and Galeton Railroad
Bill Schneider So you want to be a Model Train Manufacturer? A behind-the-scenes view
Jim Schweitzer Breaking In: An introduction to the Train Order Operator's Job
Mont Switzer TOFC Trailers of the 1960's & 7o's
Bob Tegtmeier Decoder Installations for Non DCC ready locomotives
John Teichmoeller Riveted Hot Metal Bottle Car—or “Treadwellizing” the State Tool & Die car
Fred Willis The Crystal River Railroad 1892 - 1943
Bob Zeolla Conrail's Conemaugh Line - Adding Virtual Signals using JMRI
Kaylee Zheng Using Cell Phone Speakers for DCC Sound


Additional Quick Clinics

Ted DiIorio will do two quick-clinics on weathering