March 23 to 25, 2018


We are planning several operating sessions prior to the start of the Meet on Friday afternoon.

We will have six operating sessions, one on Thursday evening, and five on Friday morning, as follows.

Thursday Evening: Not finalized yet

Friday Morning: Not finalized yet


Sept. 26, 2017

Signing up
You need to send me an email (jedalberg@aol.com) indicating your choices (1st,2d,3d, and in the case of TBD, Thursday evening or Friday morning). First come, first served—in the case of over-subscription, I’ll keep a wait-list. In the (remote) event we don’t get enough sign-ups we may consolidate sessions. If you do sign up and find you can’t attend, let me know, so I can fill the slot.

Friday Morning
We will all meet in the lobby of the Desmond at 9:15 AM—this is to (1)make sure everyone has a ride and (2) to pass out directions if needed, and (3) in the event of no-shows, fill any available slots with those who would like to participate. Once these preliminaries are taken care of, we will shove off for the Layouts, which are about 4 to 8 miles from the hotel. Sessions will start about 10 AM and last till about 2:30 PM.

If there are any changes we’ll put the information on the website. www.rpmvalleyforge.com

I’ll provide email addresses to the individual layout owners later.